D3 Parade 2021

Join us to celebrate a decade of D3!  Show us your visualization that talks about the D3 community and win prizes.

When is the Parade?

Data Sets & Data Sources

To help you get started, we’ve pre-cleaned three (3) datasets so you can get visualizing immediately:

If you’d rather curate your own dataset instead, we’ve also gathered a list of potential data sources that you might find interesting:

The Rules

  1. It must use d3.js
  2. If must be related to the theme: celebrating the D3 community
  3. Submit your own original work made for the contest
  4. Ensure that any graphics or other collateral is free from copyright restrictions
  5. You can submit multiple entries.

What can I win?

Everybody wins. We will showcase all valid entries. Some of them will be rewarded with prizes. Here’s a list of fun criteria that our professional jury may use to evaluate the work:

  • Most interesting color palette
  • Creative use of a single color
  • Accessible (a11y)  visualization 
  • Most vintage version of d3 used
  • Most creative way to show time
  • Best animation
  • Most unique layout
  • Best titles, legends & annotations
  • Most interesting interactions
  • Don’t see a category that excites you?  Suggest a category instead!

OK, but what can I win?

Submit Your Visualization!